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Agarwood is a fragrant wood grown in South Asia. In Japan, it has been traditionally used in Kodo

Kodo can be translated as ''the Way of odour''. Being one of Japanese ancient tradition along with such as Chado (the way of Tea) and Kendo (the Way of sword), Kodo was established in Kamakura Period (1185 - 1333). In this era, the manners and style of Kodo was already prescribed to enhance the art of odour which leads to the level of mastery.

Agarwood is formed in the heartwood of Aquilaria trees that inhabits mainly in the South Asia. When the tree become infected with pest or mould, or stressed by rain and storm, as a reaction to these attacks, the tree produces aromatic dark resin. When this resin becomes embedded to the heartwood, it becomes Agarwood. 

In Japan, Agarwood is categorised in different grades according to the six countries and five tastes. Among them, Kyara is the highest quality. The odour of Kyara is very complex and even for professional people, it is very difficult to distinguish. Along with its scarcity, Kyara has been considered as the most noble and spiritual wood in the ancient society and it still is. At present time, the value of Kyara wood is approximately 350 euro per gram.

Unfortunately, as a result of the global demand , Agarwood has been over-hervested in the past and it endangered some species that produce Agarwood. At present, the trade of Agarwood is monitored by the international organisation established for conservation of endangered nature and species. 

DISER is the one of a very few perfume producers in the world that can distinguish authentic Kyara wood and precisely extract the odour from it without using volume. It took them almost 15 years to develop this method. About 1g of Kyara is used in the perfume of Kyara by DI SER and mixed with Hinoki cypress, cedar, frankincense and the rose from his own farm (If the perfume is made only with Kyara, the 33ml bottle requires about 50g of Kyara wood and the price of perfume will be over 30,000 euro).

DISER keeps its production deliberately very small, because only this way it is possible to keep the quality and the sustainable production with Agarwood, and also other plants and herbs. 

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