The scent of Kyara (Oud)

Agarwood, also known as Oud, is a fragrant wood grown in Southeast Asia. It is formed in the heartwood of Aquilaria trees. When the tree become infected with pest or mould, or stressed by rain and storm, as a reaction to these attacks, the tree produces aromatic dark resin. When this resin becomes embedded to the heartwood, it becomes Agarwood. 

There are different types and qualities in Agarwood. In Kodo, traditional Japanese incense ceremony, it has been classified in six countries and 5 tastes. Among them, Kyara is considered as the highest quality.

Scent of Kyara
At first comes an uplifting whiff of spices enhanced by a medicinal bite of herbs merging into a lingering transparent sweetness, elegant and refined woody and resinous bouquet, giving a sense of timeless beauty. This scent itself is a real treasure but the journey that it induces may be even more precious. Calming for some and uplifting for others, Kyara oil is very active and leads to an ever changing landscape, opening a way to spiritual enlightenment. Kyara's scent has a power to transcend boundaries, cultures and time.

New perspective of Kyara
In Japan, there is various grades of Kyara wood used as an incense to burn, but there is no oil extracted from it. This could be explained by the fact that Kyara is such a luxurious material (top grade Kyara wood is valued at 500 euros for 1 gram) that only a few people are able to grade the quality accurately. 

Unfortunately, as a result of the global demand, Agarwood has once been over-hervested in the past and it endangered some species producing Agarwood. At present, the trade of Agarwood is monitored by the international organisation established for conservation of endangered nature and species. 

DI SER is the one of a few perfume producers in the world that can precisely grade the quality of Kyara wood and extract its scent without using volume. It took them more than 15 years to achieve this perfect extraction technique. About 1g of Kyara is used in the perfume of Kyara for a 33ml bottle. Other precious plants are mixed such as Hinoki cypress, cedar, frankincense and rose grown in his own farm. If they produces solely with Kyara, the 33ml bottle would requires about 50g of wood and its price as perfume will be over 35,000 euro.

DI SER strictly keeps its production small, because only this way it is possible to keep the quality and the sustainable production with Agarwood as well as other plants and herbs. 

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