'Sou' botanical notebook by Saqui Ozequi

Photo: Melina Sutter

Some of you participated in Japanese bookbinding workshop held by bookbinder, Saqui Ozequi in this April, which ended with great success and positive atmosphere. New series of her botanical handmade notebooks, Sou, arrived at onoda again:-)

Sou notebook is her life time project beside her profession as bookbinder. From textile dying to binding, this notebook is made solely by her. This new series was created during her stay in Estonia and Finland this summer. The fabric used as cover is either cotton or linen 100% and she dyes them with colour extracted from flowers, fruits, and leaves, and binds maximum 10 notebooks each botanical colour.

Sou is a notebook which nestles to your daily life. Nature changes daily, so as human. With this notebook Saqui expresses impermanence of nature and life.

This notebook is not only optically fulfilling, but also making space around it so rich and purifying. It is surely ideal gift for someone who you care about.