Japanse indigo shirt

Main fabrics available at onoda are woven with vintage shuttle loom machines produced in 1800’s. This type of weaving machine is not newly produced anymore. In Japan still some weavers are using these machines and produce the fabrics that are used to be. This machines are very analogue and need a lot of care and attention while weaving, in that sense, it can be said as ‘‘half - handwoven’’. It can weave only very slowly and thanks to this, the touch of fabrics are extremely comfortable to the skin. It makes you feel warm in winter and cool in summer.

There are different sizes available. If you want better fit, it can be made to order. Shirts are produced in Bergamo, Italy by a family-run manufacture which dedicates in shirt making for decades. Delivery takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

The base model is for men. For women, it is possible to adjust based on this model. Price starting from 280.-.

Images by Bansho