Neu: Warousoku = Japanese candles

Traditional Japanese candles are made of natural plants such as fruits of wax trees, rice, rape flowers, or Urushi (sumac) tree.  Wick is made of Washi paper wrapped with rush grass. The flame is larger and brighter than normal candles that are made of paraffin oil. Due to natural materials it causes no unpleasant smell in the air. 

URUSHI projects

Kanazawa prefecture, where Takazawa candle is located in, is traditionally well-known for lacquer products such as bowls and plates. They use fluids of  Urushi (lacquer) tree for their candles while tree sap (liquid) is used for lacquer products. With this way, they can help their local to continue planting, growing, and maintaining Urushi trees in Japan that are now barely only 1 - 2 % of all Urushi market.

Candles are made based on the original method since 1892 and almost all process is done by hand.