Sou Botanical notebook by Saqui Ozequi Photo: Melina Sutter

Sou Botanical notebook by Saqui Ozequi Photo: Melina Sutter


onoda is charming small Japan store located in old town of Zurich specialised in a wide range of authentic Japanese products from artisan pieces to qualitative home items and clothing made by small local producers, brands, and individual artisans throughout Japan. The focus of selection is not necessarily on very traditional manner, but on the objects that can be merged into modern European interior, that are not only optically fulfilling, but also having functionality that brings customers satisfaction when using them. Most of products available at onoda is made based on natural materials, ancestor’s wisdoms and small constant innovative ideas and passion by the producers.

In life there are certainly things that bring us little pleasure and happiness, every time we see, every time we use them. onoda believes, this everyday’s small happinesses are related to a bigger satisfaction in life. This store is for people who are individual, choosing things by the quality, wishing to use one item for long time with affection, and appreciating the passion of producers. 


Predigergasse 18
8001 Zurich Switzerland    
+41 (0)43 366 84 41

Located on a tiny alley in old town of Zurich, the store is 10 to 15 minuets walk distance from Zurich main station. The closest tram station is Neumarkt with tram 3 or bus 31. map

Opening hours
Tue - Fri 12 - 18 / Sat 11 - 16
and by appointment

Online Shop

Delivery in Switzerland is chf 12.- (A post + packaging fee).
If you’d like to order only small things that are packable in letter size, please send me your order via
E-mail and you will receive a letter shipping fee.

To any other countries outside of Switzerland, please write an email. It varies depending on destination, size and weight of the package.