Nanao - Takazawa Candle

Located in Noto Peninsula, the north of Ishikawa Prefecture, Takazawa Candle produces Japanese candles since 1892. In their small productions room, there are about 10 people are working on each process, one making wick and another shaping candles. The stove for melting wax is extremely aged proving us that history. 

Authentic Japanese candles are made of plants such as the fruit of wax tree (photo), rice, Urushi, and rape blossom etc.

Like other traditional handwork in Japan, the candles industry is also facing more and more increasing kost with harder work. Most companies have already closed last decades and only a few is left who still produces real authentic Japanese candles. Takazawa candles is one of them. While keeping good side of tradition, they try to create something new and something lasting. 

Staring the flame inside of candle lantern, it is calming, relaxing, and making the moment filled with appreciation for peace.