Producer Visit - Tsuchiya Orimono, Nara

Mieko Tsuchiya lives in an ancient city, Nara in Japan, where she grows cotton trees, spins yarns to thread, and weaves to fabric solely by herself and her small team.

She opened her eyes for a textile 23 years ago, when she was working as a florist in Kyoto. She had sometimes opportunity to work for a vintage textile gallery which later on lead her to start her career as a textile producer.

Tsuchiya Orimono
Tsuchiya Orimono

During meeting, she often mentioned that a textile is a language, a communication tool for her. Textile itself tells story to us, every time seeing, touching, and using them, because throughout whole work processes, those textiles have been literally given a life, which one can feel it, every time seeing, touching, and using them.

The items made with these fabrics are not comparable to those made in mass production quality- and -price wise. I brought back some of her work from her atelier to introduce you. Please come by to have a look her one of a kind pieces.

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